Kimobo Rugby Team Highlight Plight Ahead Of Regional Leg


By Isabella Maua

The Kimobo Friends High School Boys Rugby team has assured fans of a commendable victory in the upcoming regional tournament to be held in Vihiga on March 22.

In an interview at the school premises, Bernard Matanda, head of sports at the mixed school, commended the collaboration between their chief principal and teachers to ensure the students perform better in the regional’s leg than they even did at the county level.

“We are so grateful for the support we are accorded by our chief principal, Cheruo, to see that these hardworking students pursue their talents as well as their academics excellently,” said Matanda.

Felix Borter, the head coach of the team, lauded the relentlessness of the students, citing hurdles that might derail their performance.

“We no doubt have a very strong team that is high-spirited, but we lack enough jerseys for them, sufficient balls, proper fields, and boots for their comfort,” highlighted Borter.

The coach also beseeched local and elected leaders to come forth and invest in the talented team so that they could raise the sports bar higher in Mt. Elgon.

“We could be so glad if our MCAs and MPs would come together and invest heavily in sports, especially rugby and other field events, since we have students who are very talented but lack the equipment and resources to proceed to higher levels,” he cited.

Collins Kibet, the line leader of the team, expressed his gratitude to their teachers and coaches for their guidance, thereby enabling them to perform well both academically and in co-curricular activities.

The Kimobo Rugby(boys) team is set to meet with the giant Koyonzo Boys High School, Chavakali Boys High School, and Vihiga Boys High School teams in the coming regional’s title battle.

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