M.P. Shah Hospital to continue holding Free Kidney Medical Camp to sensitize Kenyans on need for proper health


MP. Shah Hospital has stepped up its efforts to fight kidney disease by hosting a two-day free kidney medical camp on 28th and 29th January 2022.

With estimates showing that over 500,000 people in Kenya have kidney disease and over 12,000 people are fighting end-stage kidney disease, M.P. Shah Hospital has alleviated this situation through increasing the access to kidney education, dialysis and transplant services in a bid to promote a healthier nation.

“As people’s lifestyles continue to change, the number of people contracting kidney disease is rapidly increasing. We therefore set up this camp to increase awareness to the public on how to prevent kidney disease and how those who already have kidney disease can prevent further damage. We also provided all services for free ” Said Dr. Hussein Bagha, the head of Renal & Transplant Unit at M.P. Shah Hospital.

With the cost associated with the management of kidney disease being out of reach for many people in Kenya, this disease has taken a toll on many. However, it has been a relief for the over 200 people who benefitted from this free medical camp, many of whom already have underlying kidney issues or at risk of getting kidney disease. Through the camp, these people had a free access to kidney care education, nutrition education, dialysis education, as well as strengthening via physiotherapy. They also had an opportunity for free are consultation with a kidney specialist, kidney transplant screening, BMI & blood sugar checks as well as urinalysis testing.

Kennedy from Nairobi, who is looking to get a kidney transplant described this as a life-saver since he was able to get all the information he needed in one place and for free. “I was diagnosed with chronic Kidney disease mid-last year. People have told me lots of things that did not make sense for me but through this camp, everything has been clarified by the experts.” He said.

According to Dr. Hussein Bagha, most patients with end stage kidney disease are men and are advised to see a doctor if they exhibit signs related to the disease.

Dr.Bagha however notes that most people with kidney disease might not show any symptoms but could develop underlying causes of kidney failure.

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