MCA Calls for Disability Inclusion in Leadership Positions


It’s always said that Disability is not inability. This is testament by the Honorable Harrison Kariuki.

Mr Kariuki is a nominated MCA representing persons with disabilities in Kirinyaga County.

Mr Kariuki, a sharp, brilliant and thoughtful leader, overcame the challenges of being hearing impaired to clinch the coveted legislative seat for Kirinyaga County Assembly.

Speaking in the sidelines of a workshop in a Nairobi Hotel, Hon Kariuki emphasized the need for inclusion of differently abled people in all leadership cadres

He underscored the need for persons with disabilities to believe in themselves and to be accorded the requisite support by both the government and other players

Harrison Kariuki, Nominated MCA representing PWDs in Kirinyaga County

This is Mr Kariuki’s top priority agenda:

1,Empowering people with disabilities impacts the economy positively

2.To bridge the gap between the minorities for total equality

3,To provide easy access to all services

4,To inform people with disabilities of their rights and to ensure they are protected

5,To help people with hidden disabilities to come out and get proper assistance

6,To reduce and eventually eradicate the negligence of people with disabilities

7,To curve a path to a better society

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