NTSA Partners with KCB and Lipalikes Boda for “Abiria Ni Mayai” Derby Campaign


By Fred Maingi

The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) has teamed up with KCB Bank and the Lipalikes app for the “Abiria Ni Mayai” derby campaign, focusing on the safety of boda boda riders and passengers. The campaign will culminate in a one-day event at the Kasarani Super Special Stage.

At the official launch at KCB Kawangware branch, NTSA Director General George Njao emphasized the importance of collaborating with various organizations to enhance safety.

He noted that 200 rider and passenger fatalities have been recorded so far, with 900 pedestrians also affected.

“This partnership brings together great minds to work on safety. The ‘Abiria Ni Mayai’ derby on Sunday aims to convey this message effectively. Protecting passengers means safer riders, and NTSA is pleased to see safety as a success,” said Njao.

He added that while the authority had traditionally focused on riders, the sector would now be encouraged to take responsibility, providing them with a platform to save, invest, and enjoy.

Lipalikes CEO Nick Mararo highlighted the partnership’s role in enhancing rider safety by providing state-of-the-art helmets, crucial for protecting both riders and passengers.

“We are focusing on all aspects of the motorbike, including cleanliness, helmets, and reflectors for both riders and passengers,” Mararo said.

The “Abiria Ni Mayai” event on Sunday will award 250,000 shillings to the boda boda rider with the best safety record.

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