Old Mutual Group, KWS plant trees across 60 hectares in the Aberdares in environmental rehabilitation effort

  • Old Mutual Group intends to plant 3 million trees around Kenya by 2030 and to reduce its carbon footprint by 26% in the next three years.
  • The company and its partners have in the last eight years planted trees across 60 hectares  within the Aberdare National Park


Old Mutual Group in collaboration with its subsidiary Faulu Micro Finance Bank has teamed up with the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) to plant trees within the Aberdare National Park, an important water tower for Kenya.

This partnership reflects Old Mutual Group’s dedication to enhancing the area’s tree cover. The tree-planting session marks a milestone, with OMG and its partners collectively planting trees across 60 hectares within the Aberdares since 2016, following a four-cycle strategy aimed at facilitating natural regeneration.

This initiative is part of OMG’s comprehensive strategy to bolster communities against the impacts of climate change by investing in initiatives that contribute to the restoration of critical carbon sinks. Alongside ambitious targets, including the planting of 3 million trees by 2030, OMG is also keen on reducing its carbon footprint by 26% by 2026. This will be achieved through prioritized investments in renewable energy.

Additionally, the company is keen on providing sustainability training to its stakeholders, including clients, suppliers, partners, and staff, to ensure a deep understanding of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations in various sectors such as banking, pensions, investments, and insurance.

During the tree-planting event held in Nyeri County, Old Mutual Group CEO, Arthur Oginga, emphasized the significance of the initiative in mitigating the effects of deforestation.

“We are purposefully dedicated to reducing both our direct and indirect emissions, and footprint of our operations. I take great pride in announcing that Old Mutual has successfully fulfilled its ambitious objective of rehabilitating the designated paddock within the critical sector of the Aberdare National Park,” he said.

He further pledged continued support and collaboration with the KWS and other partners to ensure the sustained success of the project, highlighting the importance of stakeholder engagement and community involvement in promoting sustainable practices.

Ms Elema Hapisha, the Senior Assistant Director of the Mountain Conservation Area at the KWS, also highlighted the necessity of collaborative efforts to safeguard the ecosystem’s future, praising Old Mutual Group for its leadership in tree-planting initiatives and encouraging other companies and organizations to follow suit.

She stressed the critical role of tree coverage in addressing resource demands amidst population growth, while expressing gratitude to Old Mutual Group for their support and welcoming future partnerships to advance environmental conservation efforts.

Meanwhile, the OMG team earlier in the day extended support to families displaced by the recent floods in Nyeri, donating much-needed essentials and foodstuff.

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