Older Persons have the Right to Equality and Non- Discrimination- ACF


By John Kariuki

The Aging Concerns Foundation (ACF) has today addressed on ageism  and age  discrimination which has continued to kick in our Country.

ACF is currently implementing a project  on Age Equality that will focus on Ageism  through policy and legislation, which will help the nation towards promotion and adoption of an anti-ageism law.

Ageism refers to any form of discrimination based on age and in particular older adults.

According to Tom Oketch, chair La vie foundation, ageism  in Kenya has reached unprecedented levels and have dared not face this endemic.

” We are staring at a society of growing young generation that no longer cares for their aging family members making it clear that two parents can care for ten kids but ten kids can fail to care for two parents.” Said Tom

Older persons killing is escalating, Kilifi and Kisii County leading in this shameless behaviour.

“On 20th October, an old man named Garama Shoro was murdered in Kilifi. That week an old woman and her 12 year old daughter escaped death in Kisii County. This is not cultural but ageism.” Stated Tom.

The research on ageism in Kenya shows that there is legal frameworks on this issue but does not  state clearly  on age frame.

” The legal frameworks are not implemented. We are left with many unanswered questions. The government does not allocate enough funds for older persons.” Said Lydia Makena – programme officer.

” The young people should really fight for the older persons rights, for they will also get there.  Lack of care is real and very depressing.” She added

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