Phase I of Buxton Point Project Now Complete


The first phase of the Buxton affordable housing project under Gulf Cap Real Estate consisting of 540 units has been finalized.

The Gulf Cap Real Estate Chief Executive Officer [CEO] Chris Ochieng said the first phase of the project has cost an estimated sh 2 billion.

He disclosed the second phase of the project will be bigger with 1,500 housing units at the tune of 4 billion.

“The official handing over of  the first phase will be done in two weeks subject to government confirmation,” he pointed out.

Chris said the second phase of the project will be launched after the completion of the ceremony for the first phase.

He was addressing the media during the handing over process held at Buxton Point Apartments Ltd in Mvita constituency, Mombasa County. East African Legislative Assembly [EALA] MP Suleiman Shahbal is the man behind the successful project.  

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The project’s Real Estate CEO told the media they have set the day for home owners to finalize the legal process ahead of the ceremony which President William Ruto is expected to grace.

Chris told the media the owners are currently finalizing their legal agreement before being allowed to move in.       

He added the new owners will be allowed to move in once the legal process is completed.

“The facility is under affordable umbrella project being the first private developer closely working with the county government in conjunction with the National government to have the units in good time,” he pointed out.

The private developer’s CEO confirmed the first phase of the units has been completed in good time.  

Chris acknowledge despite the challenges they had encountered before the commencement of the project they were able to overcome them.     

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