Trans Mara residents demand dismissal of Trans Mara South DCC Abdihakim Mohamed Jubat


Residents of Siria area in Narok County, Trans Mara South Sub -County have petitioned the Interior CS Kithure Kindiki to sack area DCC Abdihakim Mohamed Jubat over fanning of ethnic clashes, interference in community land and abuse of office.

They marched to Harambee House in Nairobi on Thursday to present their petition.
However, they were blocked by police officers manning the entrance and no one from the Interior Ministry came to listen to their grievances.

Their petition was declined.

They latter walked to the Ethics and Anti-corruption (EACC) offices where their petition was received.
They accused the DCC of interference in Kimintet land section E and F. They were led by Michael Seme MCA Lolgorian Ward and Samwel Wuantai MCA Kimintet Ward.

“The DCC has been bragging that he has the protection of the office of the Deputy President and ministry of interior and former Governor Samuel Tunai. Despite the active cases stopping subdivision of the sections, he supervised the issuance of title deeds together with the former Trans Mara Land registrar Samwel Githinji,” they said in their petition.

They said that, currently, over 600 families are landless and more than 6,000 acres missing from the original list.

They suspect it’s a deal between former Governor Tunai, the DCC and the office of the deputy President.

“Githinji and Tunai have already given out community lands in Kerinkani , Oloirien and Kimintet section F to former CS for interior Fred Mating’i and former DCI Director George Kinoti.Currently, the DCC is helping some officers from the Deputy Presidents office to get title deeds to these farms yet the locals have been displaced. Both Tunai and the DCC instructs local chiefs to work with private surveyors during illegal subdivisions of land and those who disagree with them in various dealings are transferred by the DCC,” the petition reads.

They said acting Chief Julius Siparo of Enkoiperriai location is acting Chief in two different locations of Moyoi location and Enkoiperriai to protect the interests of Jubat and Tunai.

According to the law, it’s illegal for an acting chief to act in two different locations as a chief while there are three assistant chiefs working in the same localities.

While in Kimintet and Esoit Naibor location they are working with chief Naiduya to facilitate illegal subdivision of land by using private surveyors to facilitate illegal land dealings.

They also accused the DCC of interference in the management of Kilima Pesa PTY Gold Mine funds.

Kilima Pesa is a gold mining company which rents community land for mining and prospective activities.

The residents said the DCC is working with three signatories of the community to swindle funds meant for the community.

“Currently, shs 65 million has been swindled and the community reported the matter to the DCI headquarters and no action was taken. We have attached the report made to the DCI. The Community held elections and removed the three signatories from office and the same DCC, blocked their replacement. The Company is doing open cast mining yet there is no public participation,” they said.

They also said the DCC has been threatening local leaders by brandishing guns and swearing to bring Alshabab to detonate explosives

“Lolgorian ward MCA Michael Seme reported to the police that the DCC threatened him with a gun after he questioned him why he was interfering with the Kilima Pesa royalties. He bragged that he is in Narok County because of former Governor Samel Tunai. He said he enjoys protection from the former Governor. Tunai and the DCC have claimed that they are sent by the office of the Deputy President and the Ministry of interior to get land for them” they alleged.

The residents didn’t stop there, they heaped accusations on the DCC saying together with former Governor Tunai, they are inciting Kurias, Maasais and Kipsigis at Kailolong (Angata Barrigoi) society group by promising them that they have equal rights to the land.

They said the land is exclusive for 113 members of the Massai Community.

“Since the DCC came back from the purported demotion and transfer, there has been an increase in cattle theft. Non-Masaai livestock are stolen and they feel the Maasais are to blame yet this is happening under the watch of the DCC who chairs both the security and Intelligence committees,” they said.

They added that there is an increase in crime where both local Massai and non-local miners have been targeted

“The DCCC Mr Abdihakim Mohamed Jubat must be removed from office to bring sanity in Trans Mara,”they said.

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