Berbera port upgrade is threat to port of Mombasa


The completion of the upgrade of Berbera port in the Republic of Somaliland poses a threat  to the port of Mombasa.   

Founder and Chairman of the PLO Lumumba Foundation said at the moment the port  of Mombasa is losing business to Dar Es Salaam.

Patrick Loch Otieno Lumumba alias PLO disclosed that deadlocked countries in the region prefer using Dar Es Salaam rather than the port of Mombasa.

He accused the country’s leadership of sleeping and not  doing what is required for the port leading to loss of business to the neighboring country.

“Let’s come out and tell the leadership of our worry that losing at the port of Mombasa poses a threat  to local residents,” he added.

Lumumba said that if what he is saying is true then lack of employment  opportunities will increase.

He was speaking during the Institution of Surveyors of  Kenya [ISK]  Pre- AGM conference held at PrideInn hotel  in Mombasa county.

The founder and chairman of the PLO Lumumba Foundation reminded the participants that upon the completion of the upgrading of Berbera port the port of Mombasa will be forced to go back to the drawing board. 

He pointed out when the ports of Sudan and Djibouti will operate full fleet he fears for the operation and activities at the port of Mombasa.

Integrating EAC ports

“Let’s have an integrated approach for the East African Community member states to avert negative competition within the port circles.  

Meanwhile, Berbera port is the main overseas trade gateway of the breakaway Republic of Somaliland. The port city is located on the Gulf of Aden, one of the globally most frequented seaways connecting the Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean.

Only a few years ago, Berbera port was a dilapidated runway, originally built by the British Empire, and then modernised first by the Soviet Union and later the US. The port is the lifeline of Somaliland, which imports most of what it needs, from food to construction material, cars and furniture. Its main export is livestock to the Arabian Peninsula.

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