East and Central Africa’s largest Educational, Cultural and Technological Content and Products Distributor, Textbook Centre Ltd (TBC) has opened its 10th branch in Kenya.

The new branch at 680 Hotel, Kenyatta Avenue Nairobi is part of the company’s strategic plan to expand its retail network to reach out to more customers. The move was informed by TBC’s need to increase its footprint and boost growth by increasing its customer base.

Commenting on this, TBC’s Managing Director Armand Houahu said that the move was driven by the company’s need to make an impact on more customers as well as being more accessible to ensure delivery of services to consumers.

“We have an ambitious growth strategy to make cultural and educational materials available, affordable and accessible to Kenyans of all ages. To do this, we need to increase our footprint with retail branches as we continue to leverage our e-commerce capacity to access all learners, readers and artists across the region”  said Mr Houahu,.

The CBD branch will provide an extensive selection of consumer and office products across education books and general office & school stationery, electronics, arts and toys with in store check-out options for both retail and wholesale consumers.

“We believe in investing in retail outlets where our consumers live and are connected to personally and professionally,” said TBC’s Head of Retail, Joy Okumu. “TBC not only has 57 years of experience in retail, but also has deep roots within the CBD with the founding branch being on Kijabe Street. We are confident we will uphold TBC’s commitment to putting our customers at the forefront of everything we do by providing each of them with a unique experience.”

TBC currently operates nine other branches at Kijabe Street, Garden City Mall, Thika Road Mall, Two Rivers Mall, Village Market, The Junction, The Hub, Galleria Mall and Sarit Centre the Flagship Store as well as an E-Commerce platform available at textbookcentre.com.

Text Book Centre Ltd. (TBC) is the biggest and most diversified bookstore in Kenya with branches across Nairobi and distribution services across the country. With a vision to become the leading educational, cultural and technology destination, it was founded in 1964 as a partnership between two businessmen in Kenya, Mr. S V Shah and Mr. M J Rughani.

TBC has over the years grown to become a leading retail chain in Kenya with its retail, wholesale and distribution services having unrivalled capacity to meet the demands of consumers. Our product offering ranges from educational, general and professional books, stationery, electronics, art and toys.TBC is set to play a key role in supporting the accessibility of education and cultural material for all.

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