Karua wants Government to disclose use of Covid 19 funds


By Mourice Seretta  

NARC Kenya party leader Martha Karua is faulting the government for allegedly failing to provide information to Kenyans as regards to the use of Covid 19 monies given by donors, loans, well-wishers and other sources.

Karua says the Ministry of Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe needs to come clear and tell Kenyans how the monies his ministry has been receiving has been utilized in the fight against the pandemic.

“We demand FULL disclosure, transparency and accountability for all COVID-19 funds, resources and equipment from ALL sources including loans, grants, donations and in-kind support both locally and internationally.”  She says

The former presidential aspirant who at one time was also the Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister during the Kibaki regime further says says the only things that seem to be functioning in the government are mis-procurement, taxation and political patronage adding that Kenyans deserve better.

“For all practical purposes, this government has collapsed.’ She added.

She also faults the government for allegedly failing to provide a clear road map on the fate of the education sector as schools continue to be closed for several months now since the pandemic hit the country.

Karua now wants the government to divert funds allocated towards the building bridges initiative towards boosting healthcare as the country battles the pandemic.

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