The launch of the first integrated e-shopping television channel StarTimes GO has enriched Kenya’s e-shopping experience with an enriched category of products available on the e-shopping platform.

This has led to disruption of the traditional e-shopping experience as more Kenyans embrace contact-less shopping through the dedicated programming detailing various products that provides precise product description that enables consumers to make informed purchase decisions.

“Better life, Let’s GO” as it’s the platform’s slogan, consumers can now access a different kind of online shopping experience in their daily shopping exploits. The platform is a Phone-call away extending a convenient way for customer to order at home or office.

The Online shopping platform is especially critical during this period where social distancing is being encourage by the health ministry as efforts continue against the spread of Covid-19 as one is able to order and receive their preferred product without the need to touch and/or interact with the product of seller.

Time efficacy could be obtained with the multiple shopping methods, while the actual value depends on the commodity available on the platform, the enhancement of StarTimes GO this time features Good Design, Good Quality and Good Price of all goods.

As a combination of fashion outside and high-tech inside, the products which include high-end shaver, automatic hand washer, electric toothbrush, and portable cooking machine, will offer access to another modern lifestyle for families.

Meanwhile, the e-shopping platform now adopts Direct Source and Direct Selling to control quality of goods and avoid price raise from middle men, which makes the new lifestyle reachable at reasonable expense. Only with a call at 0719077022, the refreshing lifestyle could be realized with Direct Delivery to home or office.

This is the easiest way to make a change to your current lifestyle through shopping on StarTimes GO. StarTimes GO is like a handy consultant always at service to provide relevant information for the best products to guide the consumer in making their purchase decisions.

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