Nairobi City County’s Parking Revenue Department Increases Compliance Measures


Millions in Revenue Secured by Nairobi City County Since Adoption of Digital Parking Technology

Nairobi City County Government is taking a strong stance against Matatu Sacco defaulters who have not been compliant with paying parking fees.

A crackdown was supervised today by the  Parking Revenue Director Fredrick Ndunyu, CBD Parking officer Ann Wanyoike Alias Buibui, and Makau Mutua, who ensures system compliance for regular updates and compliance at the county.

The Nairobi Governor Sakaja Administration has also taken steps to increase compliance and revenue by adding additional parking lots, including the New Green bus park terminus that was inherited from the dissolved NMS, and identifying the Odeon bus terminus for expansion.

Nairobi City county Parking Revenue Director Fredrick Ndunyu clamps a vehicle withing the CBD. Samson Wire.

The revenue reports suggest that the parking department is one of the biggest revenue sources for the county, with millions in revenue secured since the use of digital parking technology.

In a report seen and verified by The Times this weekend, The County Government has secured Millions in Revenue since they started use of digital parking technology.

This brought lots of revenue totaling to 60milion during the two weeks of demonstrations lockdown in the CBD.

“On a good day parking Revenue hits over 80million per day. In the last five days the County has collected 3.2m on Saturday, 185,000, on Sundays, 6.7 million on Monday, 13million on Tuesday and 27million on by Wednesday this week. This was attributed to efficiency, use of technology and hard work.” said Shaban Osman , Deputy head Revenue, Nairobi City county.

Parking department has appealed to all motorists to use proper parking designated areas, and ensure all vehicles parked within the city are paid for parking.

Parking Revenue Director Fredrick Ndunyu, warned that Obstructers will be Clamped be Towed Irrespective of who the owner.

A vehicle belonging to Nairobi City county Government clamped outside 680 building Nairobi. Samson Wire.

A spot check by The Times within the CBD has noticed there are several county government vehicles that gets clamped due to obstructions by Parking on wrong parking lots some park on loading zones others block pedestrian pathways.

It remains to be seen how effective the crackdown and increased compliance measures will be in ensuring that Matatu Saccos pay their parking fees on time. However, the Nairobi City County Government’s efforts to increase revenue from parking fees and expand parking facilities are positive steps towards improving the city’s transportation infrastructure.

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