Naivas Launches Its Seasonal Shopping Campaign


Kenya’s leading retailer Naivas Supermarket has launched the third edition of its seasonal shopping festival.

The campaign dubbed ‘Kikapu Kibonge Supaa Safari’ promises to be authentically Kenyan while delivering memorable experiences through thematic campaigns all the while exceeding customer expectations.

This third edition of the annual consumer comes at a very tough time economically.

Kenyan backs are breaking under the burden of inflation which is essentially pushing the cost of living higher by the day.

The situation is further exacerbated by wars which are impacting global supply chains which mean either product don’t get to our market and when they do, the costs only keep rising with each shipment.

According to Naivas Chief Commercial Officer Rodney Wood, research and insights show that one of the biggest challenges Kenyans are facing is in their basic needs, they are more and more being forced to make a choice between essentials.

It is with this reason that the leading retailer has chosen to that should go into their shopping baskets and make things better.

“Shopping baskets of Kenyans are getting smaller and smaller and as a homegrown brand that exists to make other people’s lives better, we of course made the decision that once again like in the past two years, we are going to go even further in making sure that we are providing the best value for money to our customers. And that is what we are going to do in this third annual campaign.” Rodney said.

Last year Naivas promised Kenyans to increase the size of baskets and this year, they have lived up to that promise.

“As a homegrown retailer and supermarket of choice for the Kenyan people, we understand that ‘undugu ni kufaana si kufanana’ and we are going to be the big brother looking out for them,” added

Peter Mukuha, Naivas Chief of Operations remarked. The period is a journey punctuated by many festivities including the Easter holiday and Eid that will come later in few weeks. With 103 outlets countrywide, customers are bound to find a Naivas Kilocol to fill their biggest shopping bags.

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