OPPO Kenya has today launched the OPPO A93, the latest addition to the A Series portfolio. The OPPO A93, which starts retailing today in all OPPO Kenya brand stores and dealers at Ksh30,999, introduces trendy technology that makes the consumers style stand out with an Ultra Sleek smartphone body. This is a combination of cutting-edge AI portrait photography features packed into a truly premium design, along with functions that make life more efficient.

OPPO Kenyas Head of Communications & Projects, Muthoni Wachira said, A Series has been designed to the tastes and preferences of the trendsetting generation giving them a quality smartphone that suits both their life and personal style. The OPPO A93 boasts of AI cameras that deliver breath-taking portrait photos, and advanced charging technology, meeting the high expectations and the values that our ambitious users hold dearly in both form and style.

Show your style with a Premium Design
The A93 has been designed with a 7.48mm Ultra Sleek Body and 164g ultra-lightweight body.
OPPO has used an industry-leading design to optimize and fit the mainboard, battery and other components into its slim design. Seen for the first time in a smartphone, OPPO A93 introduces a thin 220º Edge that also offers a more comfortable and smoother in-hand feel. This is thanks to OPPO A93s rounded edge design, which refracts light at the top of the rounded point to accentuate its thin appearance and accentuates the comfortable in-hand feel.

To ensure that users are fully immersed in their content, OPPO A93s 6.43 dual punch-hole display comes with a brilliant FHD+ Super AMOLED Display with a large 90.7% screen-to-body ratio. The display uses Mini Dual-Punch Holes that boast this price segments smallest camera diameter of only 3.7mm, and ensures that that the phone screens real estate is maximized so that you’re fully enjoying your video game and can see every detail in your shot.

OPPO A93 also introduces Shiny Matte, which sees the return of the shimmers and brilliant streaks of light that users enjoyed with the last A Series phone. But with OPPO A93, the design has been updated with not only a premium feel thats soft to the touch and easy on the eyes but is now also fingerprint resistant. Shiny Matte uses a brand-new optical coating technique that increases the coatings depth from 250 nanometers to 400 nanometers, which accentuates the lights refraction, while enhancing the colors. OPPO A93 will come with the Shiny Matte texture in two colors. Magic Blue showcases a unique blend of blue and purple colors that appear to reflect a new color with every angle. Matte Black is a color that screams prestige and is inspired by high-end automobiles.

Professional Photography with Cutting-Edge Camera Technology
The front of the phone boasts a Dual Cam that uses hardware-level processing to add a bokeh effect to portrait selfies. The Dual Lens Bokeh has been upgraded to support both videos and multiple people in the shot. With software-level AI processing, the finest of details on a person including their earrings and hair are accounted for and wont end up being blurred out in the final footage.

AI Portrait Color enables users capture fashionable urban street style photos or travel photos from a new perspective by making portraits pop with color. AI Portrait Color mutes the background colors black and white, while enhancing the natural colors of the person or a group of people within the photo using AI. AI Super Clear Portrait guarantees that even the finest facial details like your eyebrow are clearly represented, while AI Beautification 2.0 presents customized beautification features that are tailored to local user beauty preferences and automatically detects existing makeup such as lipstick, then show customized effects.

To capture the best low light portraits, AI Night Flare Portrait is an OPPO-exclusive feature that combines the bokeh effect and lowlight-HDR algorithms to capture artistic photos that adds beautiful night flares on portrait photos shot against the backdrop of artificial lighting. The AI Super Night Portrait makes sure that low-light, evening selfies are captured in a brightened and clear shot.

On top of these features, the third generation of Ultra-Steady Video enables effortless filming while in motion while maintaining stabilized, clearer and sharper videos. Ultra-Steady Video use a hardware-software solution that combines the Electronic Image Stabilization algorithm with an embedded gyroscope within the front-facing camera so youll be able to capture the moment, on-the-go or even on-the-run, without the jittery footage.

With a suite of six AI portrait cameras embedded within OPPO A93, users can interact and enjoy the easy-to-use portrait photography and video stabilization features.

Fast Charge:Less Waiting on a Charge
OPPO A93 introduces ways to optimize the phone’s battery life during the day or while the user is asleep. AI Night Charging uses AI Learning through machine learning to learn the user’s sleep habits and charge the phone exactly to 100% upon the moment they wake up from their slumber. In the worst-case scenario, if youre without a battery charger during the day, Superpower Saving Mode optimizes the last 5% of your battery life by turning the display black and white, while running just six predetermined apps.

Fast, Convenient and Smooth User Experience
OPPO A93s optimized user experience starts with its powerful MediaTek Helio P95 AI chipset, 8GB of memory and 128GB of storage, which can be extended up to 512GB through a 3-Card Slot. OPPO A93s Anti-Lag Algorithm can detect and clear data that cause memory errors, making stutters and freezes less likely. As an added benefit, reading and writing data in the file system becomes faster and more efficient. With improvements to the Memory Defragmentation feature, the chance that the phone stutters is reduced by up to 54% as compared to the previous generation, while file reading and writing performance is improved by up to 28% thanks to Automatic Database Optimization.

Or if an interruption isnt caused by a device but lifes circumstances like a phone call coming in when your fingers are caked with batter or drenched in water, OPPO A93 has the perfect solution. With Air Gestures one can pick up calls without directly touching the phone by simply waving their hand as far as 20 cm or even 50 cm.

Consumers will also enjoy the intuitive and simplified user interface in ColorOS 7.2s Infinite Edge Design, or the ability to personalize the home screen with Artist Wallpapers, designed by renowned artists. One can even enjoy their favorite videos or games with OPPOs Screen Image Engine (OSIE) Ultra Clear Visual Effect, which enhances the clarity of third party video apps, or safely and comfortably browse their phone all day with Dark Mode, which supports Eye Care Mode. With the latest version of Dark Mode power consumption is reduced by 38%, On and Off times can be customized, and users can adjust the dark colors tone to their preference. For an added degree of safety, you can even create multiple user accounts on your phone with Multi-User Mode, which partitions up to five separate spaces for each user, sub-user and visitor and requires passwords to access each account

At the same time with ColorOS 7.2 its fast and easy to access information starting with Quick Return Bubble enables one to multitask on their phone. When switching apps or screens, a floating bubble pops up and keeps track of the app or games status, where one can return to at a later time with a simple tap. With High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) users can even cast copyrighted HD shows to a big screen from the leading video and entertainment apps including Netflix HD and Amazon Prime Video.

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