Premium Alcoholic Brands garnering traction in Africa


By Marvin Mwathi

The Premium alcohol business has witnessed a growth due to the growing number middle of class in Africa.

However international Brands have continued to dominate the market.

South Africa is one example of an African country that Scotch whiskey business has become a lucrative venture.

Muzi Muthe the whiskey brand ambassador, attributed the growth success rate to the education forums they have been conducting and embracing newest trends from other markets.

Muthe says that the brand recorded 4.1 million consumers.

“Whiskey connects people socially, it’s a way of celebration when deals are finalized and whiskey is a lifestyle” he added.

He maintains that the large market share has been attributed by various factors.

“Despite the current recession in the country’s economy ,companies are fighting back to regain their market  share, Scotch Whiskey is the most popular spirit range in the country fetching higher prices compared to its adversary brandy.”

The growing demand for Whisky in South Africa saw Bains Cape Mountain Whisky feted The World Best Grain Whisky Award and the founder Andy watts, won the global icon of whisky master distiller.

 This has put South Africa on the global map in premium whisky business.

Besides a consumption drop from a high of 43.2 litres in 2014 to 38.7 million in 2016 the industry still registered a rise from 6th position in 2014 to 5th position trailing behind the United States, France Spain and Mexico

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  1. Quite an eye opener on learning about how Africa as a continent competes on the highly competitive alcoholic industry.

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