The Sabaot Community seek redress to historical land injustices


The Koony community, a sub tribe of the Sabaot in Mt.Elgon have on Monday held a strategic meeting seeking redress to historical land injustices they faced during post and pre colonial period.

The meeting that was convened by former councillor Pius Muyei was an exclusive elderly men meeting graced by about 100 elders from across Mt.Elgon.

Speaking during the event, Muyei stated that this is not the first time they’re presenting this issue before a commission but they’re hopeful it’ll be their last fruitful attempt.

“We had presented our grievances to TJRC and other former commissions but recommendations were never released to us, we however urge National Land Commision to pursue our plea and let us enjoy justice as Kenyans,” pleaded Muyei.

He further added that the elders incorporated in this pursuit will greatly enable the community gather sufficient evidence to aid the commission in making sound, satisfying decision.

“We’re gathered here to dig deeper into tangible evidence that prove we are victims of historical land injustices, we want to have numerous proofs for avoidance of doubt,” he expounded.

He also noted that the best people to assist in this quest are the elderly men who brilliantly understand Koony history and can explain it to the young professionals who’ll decode the information for ease of presentation to the commission during their upcoming interviews.

Among issues mentioned by the elders as part of injustices experienced were loss of land, wealth, tradition and culture as well as tribe.

“We lived in Trans Nzoia and knew it as our ancestral land but after forceful eviction, we not only lost our vast fertile land but also cattle, kinsmen, cultural heritage and indigenous tribe,” decried Ndiema Chesigongwe.

Cherotwoi Simotwo an elder of the Ogiek community applauded the bold step taken by Koony stating that they’ll stand with them to ensure a win for the Sabaot people.

“Now more than ever it’s crucial that the government acts upon Sabaot’s issues candidly as provided by the law as per 2010 constitution and put this matter to rest,” stated Simotwo.

Peter Kitelo an elite professional who also hails from the Ogiek community emphasized on the benefit of the consultative meeting with their neighbouring Koony sub tribe so as to easen the commission’s interview process.

“Though we the Ndorobos had already addressed our land injustices issue, we’re glad to join the Koony today to cover the consultation part required from neighbouring communities and call upon NLC to act swiftly,”Kitelo reiterated.

Even as the Koony pursue their long time dream as a Kenyan tribe, time is now ripe for the community to be heard and justice served constitutionally and with utter fairness.

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  1. This is very great move from our elders,,we as youths from the mountain we promise to tighten our grid and be of supportive..
    Mbele tunaona success ?

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