Kenyans fault President Uhuru over remarks that he helped Sonko


Sonko claimed that it was ridiculous for President Kenyatta to allude to failure of any administration, yet he has presided over the worst administration in the history of the country.

Remarks by President Uhuru Kenyatta that he helped former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko to clinch the gubernatorial seat have sparked angry responses from majority of city residents.

While speaking to local vernacular radio stations in Mount Kenya region, Uhuru said that he helped Sonko become governor, accusing him of abandoning his duties.

Uhuru also admitted to have initiated the process of impeaching Sonko whom he said was a close friend for a long time.

However, some social media users have questioned the sincerity of the President’s remarks,accusing him of double speak and publicly admitting that he presided over impunity.

One Sammy Kim wrote on Inooro TV’s post: “ Uzuri umejianika that you have done all evils to Sonko for your selfish gain.Kumbe you used the incompetent senate to impeach him and bring your robots?Why then should you use short cuts if all you helped Sonko?Why don’t you help Waweru the same way through the ballot then we know that you are genuine.

Another angry voter Evans E Kabura wrote: “Whatever is happening  in Nairobi is a calculated move, very strategic because you know we can return Sonko again as governor, he was elected by citizens,”

Some political observers have also voiced their doubts on the issue,noting that Sonko was never Uhuru’s favorite to clinch the Jubilee Party ticket.They believe that former Gatanga MP Peter Kenneth is the man Uhuru wanted to take over.

Sonko was elected by overwhelming votes in 2017, garnering more votes than President Uhuru and opposition leader Raila Odinga got respectively in the presidential race.

Governor Sonko himself believes that his ouster from the reigns of power is purely inspired by the clamor by the state and a few powerful individuals in the corridors of power to control city resources.

“ Mr President speak the truth and a shame the devil. I used to love you with all my heart vile tu ulikuwa unanipenda as your younger brother. Shida yako ulinambia unataka tufanye kazi pamoja because ya heshima nilikubali. Kumbe ilikuwa njia ya kunitenga,” Sonko wrote on the Inooro TV’s post.

He claims that the take over by the Nairobi Metropolitan Service turned into an inhumane operation against the less fortunate in the city against the spirit of the Deed of Transfer of Functions.

“ You started using military to harass mama mbogas in markets,displaced Nairobians in Kariobangi,Korogocho, Ruai,Dagoreti,Kibra,Kaloleni during this pandemic season,” Sonko added.

All these comes at the backdrop of the ongoing efforts by the state to install one Anne Kananu Mwendwa as the substantive governor.She was handed over the reigns of power by acting governor Benson Mutura.The High Court has however stopped the swearing-in ceremony until a case filed against her is hear and determined.A special committee will be set up by Acting Chief Justice Philemona Mwilu to handle the matter.

The country’s top legal minds have issued contradicting views on the take over by Anne Kananu,with some opining that the voice of Nairobi voters must be given priority.

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