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Tame warmongers before it is too late

The ongoing political aggression in the country is not a welcome recipe and should be condemned and stopped immediately.

We still have two years to the next general elections and it is not proper for our political class to start planting seeds of war among vulnerable youths for selfish political interests. That we are comfortably witnessing loss of life in October 2020, a time we are not yet off the hook as far Covid-19 is concerned shows how the political class can be desperate for individual gains at the expense of serious economic concerns that need to be addressed.

The Murang’a killings over the weekend will remain to be a big shame. The teargasing of worshipers in a church service and in the presence of Deputy President William Ruto is unspeakable as well. These are shenanigans that should be stopped before the country explodes into unconceivable political violence.

We are almost coming to the tail end of the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) – a process whose report is supposed to unite Kenyans and help end the political bickering and violent confrontations that we are always treated to during the electioneering period. The proponents of BBI, led by President Uhuru Kenyatta and opposition leader Raila Odinga have repeatedly told Kenyans that the process is geared towards finding solutions to our political problems and desires that are diverse in nature.

It is not like political leaders are not aware of the 2007 post-election violence that plunged this country into some serious economic turmoil where thousands of innocent souls were maimed to death.

It is now clear that political violence in Kenya has now become a cancer that we tend to overlook and it is again ballooning into a catastrophe. It is about time that the young people of this country learn new ways of relating with politicians lest their lives are claimed through this brutal political greed.

Understandably, the high unemployment rate in the country has left many young people vulnerable to the cunning politicians who use handouts as a bait to lure them into hooliganism. Apparently, it is the same politicians who are supposed to make laws and initiate policies that can help these vulnerable and desperate groups.

It is also sad that we are experiencing a situation where police officers are being used to whip political emotions and further cause divisions among Kenyans. Their cardinal role is to provide security to all citizens irrespective of political affiliations. A police officer should be a symbol of order and not confusion.

President Uhuru should now come strongly and put an end to these regrettable acts before things get murky. The president should not seat and watch helplessly as politicians wreak havoc on citizens.

Those doing early campaigns should also be stopped or forced to conduct themselves with dignity if they must do so.All Kenyans must rise up and speak against these vice because you never know who is next on the list.

The 2022 elections will come and go and it is important to emphasize that no one should ever die because of political competition in this country.