Huawei rewards suppliers

139 100By Mourice Seretta  Huawei recently hosted 44 suppliers at the annual Supplier Conference and Award Ceremony.  This is the second consecutive year that Huawei Kenya has organized the convention…

Huawei TrustInTech Summit 2020: Shared Prosperity Enabled by Trust in Technology and Open Collaboration

119 100By Mourice Seretta  Huawei hosted its second annual TrustInTech Summit, which was attended by ICT industry experts, academia and economists from around the world. Speakers included Huawei’s Executive Director…

Affordable devices a big opportunity in driving 4G migration

“Connectivity is the foundation for digital transformation,” said Salon facilitator Mohamed Madkour, Vice President, Carrier Business Marketing and Solutions for Huawei. “It’s about time that we address mobile connectivity not just in terms of speed or capacity or coverage, but also in terms of ecosystem accessibility, affordability, convenience and value.”

Huawei Global Cybersecurity VP Asserts Security Leadership, Impeccable Record at Kenya Summit

Huawei’s Global Vice President for Cybersecurity and Privacy spoke today at an ISACA Kenya online conference to highlight Huawei’s leadership, expertise and track record on cybersecurity and privacy whilst also explaining how secure communications networks are based on independently verifiable technical standards.


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