Rogue Kayole Pastor on Spot for Land Grabbing


A controversial evangelical pastor in Soweto Kayole is finding it difficult to authenticate a contested piece of land on which his church Specialist Healing Miracle Centre sits on.

The Akorino pastor claims that the piece of land Nairobi/block 167/652 belongs to him and the church.

It has however been established that the AIPCA church in the area is also built on the same piece of land making it a more complicated case.

The pastor is said to have made some unsuccessful efforts to reach out to City Hall land officials but our investigations reveal that he is working behind the scenes to try and grab the piece of land without following due process.

A source close to the development says the pastor is in possession of court documents that cannot be verified. He wants the lease of the property renewed and his now threatening the County lands officers to abide by his demands.

The pastor has followed the matter for years and his piece of land was once flagged by a Kayole based lobby group over possible land grabbing.

This comes at a time when City Hall has announced plans to ensure all land in the city is the hands of rightful owners.

Asenior Nairobi county officer while commenting on the matter said that they can only deal with a court case that has been brought to them and that if there will be any,the county will do the right thing.

Our investigations reveal that the pastor has told his close friends of how he is going to bring down land officials at City Hall and has threatened to do what it takes to own the piece of land.

The pastor could have it tough succeeding with the matter considering the new land laws on renewal of leases.

The land was initially a settlement created for Malaria Reserve and Patanisho group that settled people in the area, in 2014 by then lands Cs Charity Ngilu visited the place to ascertain the ownership and everything was settled down.

This comes at the backdrop of claims that most churches in the capital sit on grabbed land with the real grabbers hiding behind church and religion to protect the grabbed property.

On Friday,President Ruto formed a commission of inquiry to look into the mushrooming of rogue and suspect churches in Kenya.

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