600,000 in Refugee Camps to Benefit From Relief Food Assistance


Despite rains being experienced in the country about 4.5  people have no food security.

World Food Programme head of supply chain Shane Prigge said the country is in need of an urgent relief food assistance.

He added there is urgent need for assistance to areas affected most by drought  in the country.

“The recent rainy season has been better but a large population has food insecurity,” he pointed out.

Shane said he acknowledges there is urgent need to assist those affected by drought with relief foodstuff.

 He was speaking at Lamu port when he witnessed the offloading of 7,300 metric tons of sorghum and  yellow peas for humanitarian assistance along berth number 2 in Lamu County. The donation of the foodstuff is from the US government.

The WFP officer said despite being based in the country it was the first time for the MV African Swan to use the Lamu facility to bring the foodstuff into the country from the US government.

Shane, who was flanked by Kenya Ports Authority  General Manager for Lamu Port Eng. Vincent Sidai and county commissioner Louis Rono, told journalists the relief foods will be distributed to two major operations areas.

He said the relief foodstuff will be distributed to both Kakuma and Dadaab refugee camps with a total of almost 600,000 people.

“It’s estimated that almost 1 million Kenyans mainly drawn from arid counties are beneficiaries of the relief foodstuff from the US  government,” he pointed out.             

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