All Bars Closed As Crackdown Intensifies In Mt Elgon


By Isabella Maua

Mt. Elgon Sub County security officers, including chiefs and local administrators, have arrested five suspects and closed down four bars during Tuesday’s illicit liquor crackdown in Kapsokwony.

While addressing members of the fourth estate after the evening raid, the area Acting Deputy County Commissioner, Josephat Kipyator, affirmed their stand against any illegal operation of bars, brewing, or selling of illicit liquor in the vicinity.

“We are not only doing this in the market places, but our chiefs are also very vigilant in the most remote parts of the villages, where people are likely to hide while practicing this illegal business, oblivious to the lingering danger to the lives of the consumers,” noted Kipyator firmly.

He also revealed that so far, there is only one bar in the town that has been licensed to operate, but the rest are operating illegally.

“All other bars are carrying out their businesses against the alcoholic act, which states that any bar that doesn’t have a restaurant should be opened at 5 p.m. and closed at 11 p.m., he further explained.

Mt. Elgon Sub County Police Commander Robert Makau emphasized that they shall not relent in implementing the orders of the current country’s crackdown in the quest to save the present and future generations.

“We are also working collaboratively with members of the public who give us tip-offs on where and how we can get the culprits who peddle drugs, which has for long derailed productivity among our youths,” Makau reiterated.

He also called upon members of the public to observe the law so that they could not land in trouble with the police.

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