Amidst Natural Calamities, Kenyan Schools Struggle to Reopen



By Dr. Paul Wanjohi, UASA Kenya

As Kenya prepares for the reopening of schools on Monday, May 13th, a stark reality emerges—many educational institutions are grappling with immense challenges caused by recent natural disasters. From flooded schools to collapsed facilities, the aftermath of stormy rains has left a devastating impact on our educational landscape.

Reports indicate widespread infrastructure damage, with numerous schools facing critical issues such as collapsed classrooms and toilets. Tragically, some students have been lost, while others find themselves displaced or orphaned. The consequences extend beyond physical structures; many students may discontinue their education due to these adversities.

This crisis demands urgent attention and comprehensive action from authorities and stakeholders. Rebuilding efforts must prioritize the restoration of safe learning environments and the provision of support for affected students and communities. Moreover, long-term strategies are essential to mitigate the impact of future disasters on our education system.

In the face of adversity, let us unite to ensure that every child’s right to education is upheld, and that no student is left behind in the wake of natural calamities. Together, we can rebuild and strengthen our educational institutions for a brighter future.

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