Animal Health Providers Benefit from Free Training By Ripple Effect


By Isabella Maua

 Health Practitioners within Mt. Elgon have expressed their gratitude towards Ripple Effect Organization for their continued support in offering quality services and basic training to the animals.

During a training session with Ripple Effect on Wednesday at Chwele, the Animal Health Practitioners (AHP) and farriers present thanked the non-governmental organization for coming forth to address donkey welfare matters, which have for long been neglected.

“We have acquired new skills from Ripple Effect’s numerous trainings and greatly improved our services to farmers; besides, we now have ease of access to animal drugs, for example, pain killers,” divulged David Chesebe, AHP from Cheptais.

Dr.Peter Ng’ielo of Ripple Effect, on the other hand, emphasized that they’ve greatly invested in training for both AHPs and farmers, primarily to improve their living standards.

“We focus on quality subsequent trainings to equip our farmers, create employment for farriers, and improve services offered by our health providers and veterinarians,” reiterated Dr. Ng’ielo.

The AHPs, however, cited challenges they face while out assisting donkey farmers and requested haste in addressing the matter.

“We lack enforcement of Cap 360, which protects our animals against cruelty; there are also no road signs to protect donkeys while crossing, hence many being knocked down by speeding motorcycles and vehicles,” decried Kennedy Sikiriet from Kopsiro.

Tongaren Sub County Veterinary Officer (SCVO) Dr. Wechabe Simiyu also commended Ripple Effect for improving disease surveillance in the region since setting foot and empowering vets and AHPs.

“It will be even more appreciated if we get a CSR project from Ripple Effect like the construction of donkey shades and holding grounds at market places to improve on their general welfare, advised Dr. Wechabe.

The AHPs and farriers also did not hesitate from giving their statement regarding the reopening of donkey abattoirs in the country, saying that they condemned the project.

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