Aspira’s retail partners bring relief to festive season shoppers with Buy Now Pay Later deals


In an effort to alleviate financial burdens during the festive season, Aspira’s retail partners have unveiled exclusive holiday deals under the Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) plan.

These festive promotions aim to provide relief to Kenyan consumers, allowing them to enjoy the season without immediate financial strain.

Aspira, a leading financial solutions provider, announced that shoppers can purchase home appliances, furniture, and electronics from its network of over 250 retail partners like Naivas, Furniture Palace, Victoria Courts, and Tile & Carpet, at price reductions of up to 50 percent.

The deals extend to travel companies, such as Bella Safaris and Vacay, under the BNPL plan, where Kenyans can travel to various destinations to relax with their families during the festive season at affordable rates.

For Kenyans driving upcountry for the Christmas and New Year holidays, they can have their cars serviced by various providers, such as Kingsway and Contipartner, under Aspira’s BNPL plan.

Mr Arnold Muthama, Marketing Lead at Aspira said that these deals will be available throughout December, offering shoppers the opportunity to save more during the festive season.

In a recent survey conducted by WorldRemit, the London-based money remittance firm, it was revealed that Kenyans anticipate spending up to 1.08 times their average monthly income during the festive season.

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The survey indicates a significant 24 percent increase in Christmas spending compared to the previous year, underscoring the elevated costs associated with the celebrations. Additionally, there is an anticipated year-over-year spending growth of 7.7 percent for the current year compared to 2022.

“Aspira is dedicated to delivering financial solutions that resonate deeply with the spirit of the holidays. Our Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) plan is designed to alleviate financial burdens during the festive season, offering discounted options for home essentials, affordable travel, and car services,” said Mr Muthama.

“The deals aim to ensure that Kenyans can fully enjoy the holiday season without being constrained by financial pressures, allowing them to make the most of their festivities on a limited budget.”

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