Bahati MP Irene Njoki Keen on Ending Alcohol Menace


Bahati Member of Parliament The Honorable Irene Njoki is so committed to her work which she takes as a great calling.

No wonder her people in Bahati Crowned her with the prestigious title “Mrembo na Kazi”

“The sale of illicit brew has been a big menace in different parts of Bahati Constituency. In some instances, it has led to the loss of lives.

Today Hon Irene Njoki office reps, in partnership with the local administration and the clergy, took a different route in ending this menace. This is through involving everyone in the society since we are all affected in one way or the other.

Through this initiative, the administration officers, political leaders, Church leaders and the community at large will unite in the fight against illicit brew rather than the earlier plan where the war was left to the police and Chiefs.

The plan will also focus more on dialogue and counseling to the sellers and consumers instead of the condemnation they have faced from the society before.”

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