Battle for Teso Votes Looms as Imwatok locks Out Osiya in Nairobi



The Nairobi Majority Leader, Peter Imwatok, has now clashed with the Principal Administrative Secretary in the Office of the President, Arthur Amug Osiya. Osiya had scheduled a meeting starting at 12 pm, inviting all members of the Teso community in Nairobi, but it has been widely ignored by Teso people.

This power struggle comes in the aftermath of an ODM incursion in the Teso region, where Imwatok played a significant role.

“We cannot go there because we are not UDA. He is calling us to come and eat what is finished in Kenya. Osiya and Kenya are finished, they will not deceive us again. Let him take his friends who are dining with the government there,” Emusala Okoiti told the media.

The purpose of the meeting was to unite the community as Imwatok prepares to run for the position of Busia governor in 2027.

“In Nairobi, we have one majority leader, Imwatok, who stands with us. We are not leaders of the State House belly,” said another member who snubbed the meeting.

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