Blow to Hon Reki as MCA Elect Highrise MCA As their New Chair


Kennedy Oyugi, the incumbent Member of the County Assembly representing Highrise Ward, has secured the position of chairman for the Water Committee following a unanimous election by nineteen members.

Having already served a second term as a dedicated ward representative, Oyugi’s unopposed victory comes in the wake of the committee’s recent dissolution due to corruption allegations against the former chair, Redson Otieno.

In a succinct acceptance speech, Oyugi pledged to collaborate effectively with all stakeholders and breathe new life into the committee. He stressed the importance of prioritizing the collective interests of the Assembly and vowed to execute his duties diligently in accordance with constitutional provisions.

His statement reflects a commitment to transparency, accountability, and integrity in his leadership role, signaling a fresh start for the Water Committee under his stewardship.

Oyugi’s ascension to the chairmanship marks a significant step towards restoring public trust and confidence in the committee’s mandate to oversee water-related matters within the county.

As he assumes this pivotal role, Oyugi’s leadership will be closely scrutinized for its effectiveness in addressing the challenges facing the water sector and ensuring equitable access to clean and reliable water resources for all residents.

With a renewed sense of purpose and determination, Oyugi stands ready to lead the Water Committee in fulfilling its crucial responsibilities and contributing to the overall development and well-being of the community.

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