BTL Partners with Allure Laser Skin Clinic for Innovative Skincare Solution

BTL Partners with Allure Laser Skin Clinic for Innovative Skincare Solution

BTL Partners with Allure Laser Skin Clinic for Innovative Skincare Solution

BTL, a global leader in innovative aesthetics solutions, partnered with Allure Laser Skin and Aesthetic Medical Centre to officially launch EXION TM, the groundbreaking 4-in-1 Skin Platform that redefines the landscape of skincare rejuvenation.

This collaboration marked a significant milestone in the field of aesthetic innovation.

The launch event, held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Nairobi showcased the revolutionary advancements embodied
in EXION TM. Esteemed guests and media representatives witnessed firsthand the unparalleled efficacy and
versatility of this groundbreaking technology.

EXION TM represents the culmination of years of research and development, offering a comprehensive solution for
skin rejuvenation by combining multiple treatments in a single platform. With its four distinct applicators, EXION
TM addresses a wide range of aesthetic concerns, from facial rejuvenation to intimate health issues, delivering
unprecedented results across the entire body.

Highlighting the success of the partnership, Antonin Roszynec, Managing Director of BTL East Africa, remarked,
“The collaboration with Allure Laser Skin has been instrumental in bringing EXION TM to market.

Together, we have redefined the standards of skincare innovation and provided patients with transformative solutions.”
EXION TM, the revolutionary 4-in-1 Skin Platform, redefines skincare rejuvenation with its groundbreaking features.

Its Fractional RF applicator, powered by AI technology, delivers outstanding results with minimal discomfort,
offering more gain and less pain. With a maximal needle depth of up to 8 mm, it ensures precise energy flow for
targeted penetration, promoting enhanced skin rejuvenation for both facial and body treatments.

Moreover, EXION TM offers the first non-invasive treatment to naturally boost hyaluronic acid levels in the skin, with a clinical study showing a 224% increase after four treatments.

This patented combination of monopolar RF and targeted ultrasound stimulates skin collagen and elastin, resulting in significantly improved texture and hydration.

Additionally, EXION TM includes the EMFEMME 360 applicator, providing the shortest non-invasive radiofrequency
procedure for treating vaginal laxity and sexual dysfunction, catering to the growing demand for comfortable
solutions for intimate health concerns.

“Allure Laser Skin and Aesthetic Medical Centre is thrilled to have partnered with BTL in introducing EXION
TM to our esteemed clients,” said Dr. Salome N. K. Muravvej, Co-founder of Allure Laser, Skin and Aesthetics Medicine

“This groundbreaking technology aligns perfectly with our commitment to providing the highest quality care
and the most advanced treatments to our patients.” EXION TM is backed by 14 clinical studies, 11 evaluation methods, 1200 study treatments, and more than 20 investigators.

The commitment to excellence has already garnered positive feedback from clinics, with medical professionals praising the device’s outstanding results and its increasing popularity.

“EXION TM has quickly become one of the most-used devices in my practice, especially for its face applicator, which helps tighten laxity on both the face and neck.

The EXION TM’s superior results have left my other tightening devices collecting dust! Combined with RF microneedling and a fantastic body applicator to reduce fat pockets, the EXION TM is an indispensable tool for any cosmetic practice!” elaborated Dr. Salome N.K Muravvej, Co-founder of Allure

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