Businessman Kirima Koome Faces Charges: Accused of Stealing 2.6 Million USD and Misappropriating Stay Online Limited Funds


Mr Koome Kirima alongside his Lawyer Mr Cliff Ombeta at Milimani law court

The hearing of the case involving businessman Kirima Koome, who is charged with stealing 2,619,583.27 USD, has been adjourned to the 13th of December.

This decision was made after the trial magistrate, Ben Mark Ekhubi, received information from the complainant’s lawyer, Mr. Danstan Omari, that Mr. Desire Muhinyuza, the client, was unable to attend due to his wife’s illness.

Mr. Omari strongly opposed the director of public prosecution’s attempt to submit medical documents related to the complainant’s wife. He argued, “Your Honour, the move by the prosecutor to produce medical documents before this court is meant to expose my client’s wife. Matters of health should and must always be treated as private and confidential. For that reason, I oppose any medical documents that the DPP is trying to bring before this court.”

The director of public prosecution insisted that in criminal cases, it is customary for matters to begin with the complainant, as they lay the foundation for the case. However, Mr. Omari emphasized that medical documents are private and confidential and should not be disclosed at any time.

Kirima Koome was charged last month in a criminal court, with the alleged crimes occurring on diverse dates between July 10 and October 4 of this year. In addition to the theft charge, Koome is accused of making away with KSh 14,945,000, the property of Stay Online Limited, which had been entrusted to him for the payment of taxes for the company.

Koome’s charges followed a warrant of arrest issued against him, initiated by an application from Mr. Muhinyuza’s lawyer, Danstan Omari, and state prosecutor James Gachoka.

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