Camille Amolo Cruises into the New Year with a Suzuki Baleno GLX from Junction Mall’s Festive Extravaganza


Camille Amolo walks away with a Suzuki Baleno GLX in the Junction Mall Jolly Jamboree Christmas Competition

In a dazzling ceremony held on Thursday 24 , Camille Amolo emerged as the proud winner of the Junction Mall Christmas promotion, aptly named ‘The Junction Jolly Jamboree.’ The grand prize? A sleek Suzuki Baleno GLX, courtesy of CFAO Motors Kenya.

The month-long promotion, running from December 8th, 2023, to January 9th, 2024, was a collaboration between Junction Mall and CFAO Motors Kenya, in partnership with CFAO Motors Suzuki Brand Manager Jagruti Joshi. Shoppers eager to try their luck needed to spend Ksh. 2000 or more at the mall’s outlets to enter the raffle. Each ticket, representing Ksh. 2,000, had 10 slots. Those who amassed a total spend of Ksh. 20,000 and filled all 10 slots were eligible for the Grand Draw.

Jagruti Joshi expressed her excitement at the success of the promotion, highlighting the collaboration between CFAO Motors Kenya and Knight Frank. She said, “We are thrilled to unveil the Grand Winner of The Junction Mall Christmas Promotion that has seen Kenyans from all walks of life try their luck in winning the different prizes on offer.”

Mark Dunford, CEO of Knight Frank, echoed the sentiment, saying, “We are delighted to have partnered with CFAO Motors Kenya in making ‘The Junction Jolly Jamboree’ a tremendous success. This collaboration reflects our commitment to enhancing the community experience and creating memorable moments for shoppers.”

Camille, the lucky winner, shared her excitement, expressing that the win is a dream come true for her. She pledged to use the opportunity to create a positive impact in society.

The partnership between CFAO Motors Kenya and Knight Frank aims to foster closer collaboration between the two brands and their customers. With their eyes set on future engagements, the organizations aspire to continue enhancing the community experience and creating lasting memories for shoppers.

As Camille takes the wheel of her new Suzuki Baleno GLX, she not only drives into the New Year in style but also symbolizes the joy and excitement that ‘The Junction Jolly Jamboree’ brought to the community.

Showcasing new vehicles, CFAO Motors Kenya offers certified pre-owned vehicles through their Automark brand, along with quick-fix services available at their AUTOFAST service centers.”

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