Cartels Looting Millions at Coast Water Agency Unmasked


Days after we unraveled the massive looting of public coffers at Coast Water Agency one of the government agencies, It has now been revealed that Esther P. Thongori commonly referred by many as Hadassah has extended her tentacles to Kilifi County Government and is now in bed with a section of executive.

Ms Thongori who is blessed with beautiful and irresistible looks has not shied away from using it as an asset to her advantage. Her target in Kilifi now is the entire executive.

She has now teamed up with senior procurement and finance officers to defraud the Coast Water Development Agency and the county government of KilifiOne of Governor Gideon Mung’aro’s confidants said that Hadassah is now boosting, saying that the county boss is her ‘other life’.

She says that Governor Gideon Mung’aro picks her calls even when in the toilet and that no amount of intimidation can stop her from getting what she wants.

“She gives orders everywhere. She is done with Coast water and now she has taken all woman tenders in our county. Are we cursed that we can’t do tenders or not?” the confidant noted

She also added that she gets all work in every sector without being advertised neither filling anything on the Ifmis system. 

Being a shrewd go-getter, she operates several companies among them Lohim Limited which operates more in a clandestine and briefcase style.

She is a perfect example for those who want to know what it means to be a ghost supplier or supplying air.

In the mix to protect her are Head of procurement at the Coast Water Development Agency Stanlus Jira and head of finance Stephen Masai who are reaping massive amounts from the corruption proceeds.

The two have been helping Hadassah to get tenders before they are even posted on the website and other relevant portals.

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From these proceeds, Jira has bought several cars among them KDB 100J, has over three posh apartments in Mtwapa and is currently building state of the art houses on a 4 acre plot.

Mr Jira also bought a BMW for Hadassah but it was embarrassingly towed by a renowned car dealer in Mombasa over delayed full payments as agreed.

“The problem at Coast Water is poor leadership and uncontrolled love for public resources where senior officers have colluded with head of procurement to award tenders to girlfriends and cronies,” he said.

Word has it that Hadassah and her teams have ganged up to taint the name of Governor Gideon Mung’aro who has been overwhelmingly working day and night to fix the economy of Kilifi.

The governor who has made changes in the procurement design and award of tenders has also unveiled a delivery unit within his office and that has not been received well by the conniving ghost suppliers.The governor has made it clear that he will clear the rot within the finance and procurement departments.

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