Dear ladies, Stop being MENTALLY BROKE GIRLS! I know many girls will be angry at this but yes, no man should date a mentally broke girl. For those who do…

A note to the ladies

By Tabitha Micere  Ladies, stay away from these sponsors you have nicknamed ‘wababa’. First of all, adultery is a sin. This married men will bring you nothing but misery. Don’t…

Meet JIVU the Afro Fusion Kenyan Artists.

JIVU which means Grey or Ash in Swahili is an Afro Fusion Singer/Songwriter duo from Nairobi, Kenya. The two, Johnson Keragori (Uncle K.) and Chege Anderson present a dynamic combination…

His/her Say: We will marry whoever we want

Men are boys and will always be. Whatever they discuss in their small circles is only known to them and any lady sauntering into an evening after work sitting on men somewhere chewing khat, taking coffee, drinking whiskey or watching football is tantamount to mixing water with paraffin. They won’t mix.


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