Cheers as Adero launches new Book on Project Design for Geomatics


By Wilson Amondo

Nashon Adero – a geospatial & systems modelling expert and lecturer of Engineering has launched a book.
The book touches on Engineering Surveying and GIS at the Taita Taveta University.

The book is expected to grab headlines in the geomatics Engineers & surveyors Industry.

Adero doubles up as an Associate director with ESIPPS International Ltd.

Clement Ogaja is a geodesist with NOAA(USA), and Derrick Koome is the founder of Cheswick Surveys.

The book is entitled Project Design for Geomatics Engineers and Surveyors.
Published in 2023 by Taylor & Francis Group, CRC Press, in London,the book is unique with great prospects of a must – read leader.

The book is locally available from Nuria Bookstore, retailing at Ksh. 16,000, but also available from Amazon and other online outlets.

The book will be launched on 10th August at the RCMRD International Conference, Kasarani.

The book is suitable as a reference manual for geomatics engineers and the wider surveying no fraternity, emphasizing a practice-oriented and project-based approach

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