CIRCOLO Life Hosts Baila at Mawimbi


Latino themed evenings hosted by are back at Mawimbi. #Baila seeks to bring together salsa enthusiasts at a show that showcases the best of Latin America.

The show which is hosted every Wednesday from 4.00pm is the brainchild of Colombian Artist Alvaro Daza who seeks to create an experience that combines live music, food, drinks and a master class climaxing in a journey through the history of music, its relation to culture and its influence in Latin America.

Every week, enthusiasts will enjoy a fused jam session courtesy of Dan the Dj from Industry Veteran Denasi Entertainment, showcasing the differences between Merengue, Salsa, Bachata full of vibrant flavors, magical realism, , music, creativity and innovation.

Alvaro Daza is a Colombian entrepreneur, musician, dancer, visual artist, writer, architect, chef and traveler.

For the past 2 years, Alvaro has travelled to 71 countries, bringing to audiences and people from all over the world shows in different formats. He is also the Founder of a social enterprise that operates worldwide.

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