Coastal leaders must change political narrative     


By Tobby Otum

Senate speaker Amason Kingi has called on coast political leaders to change their political narrative for them to move forward.

He challenged them to change their old political narrative to match with the current political narrative.

Let us avoid old politics without a change,” he insisted.

Kingi pointed out that since he joined politics the political narrative in the region has remained the same without a way forward and thus remains behind.

He was speaking during this year’s iftar dinner held at Burhani Sports Club in Mvita Constituency, Mombasa county.

East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) MP Hassan Omar Hassan who is United Democratic Alliance (UDA) national vice chairman organized the forum.

The Senate speaker challenged the region’s political leaders in attendance to ask themselves why there is disunity among the political class.

Kingi told leaders to tread carefully and warned them that the political situation will be worse for the coming generations unless the current political class changes its old style of politics.

He asked them to find out why unity in the region has become mirage as it is business as usual.

Since I was young and a student the region has had forums calling for unity but nothing has changed,” he pointed out.

The Senate speaker said the regional electorate is fed up with messages which are similar to those in past political rallies.

Kingi reminded the forum he has served in different political class and wondered why the chorus has remained the same.


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