Commercial Sex Workers Decry Harassment


Workersin the oldest profession – prostitution, have continued to condemn unwarranted attacks and assaults.

Phelister Abdalla, the national coordinator Kenya sex workers association, condemned with strong terms attack on the sex workers in Isiolo.

“I’ve confirmed that it’s indeed true that an administrator assaulted commercials sex workers in Isiolo. This we condemned and we urge the authorities to cease mistreating our members.”

The assault is said to have happened during a random raid on the streets of Isiolo.

the group called for thorough investigations into Tuesday night’s alleged assault on some of their members by a chief in California section of Isiolo town.

They claimed the chief, her colleagues and some police officers undressed one sex worker, identified as Shantel, in front of the rest in the 1am incident when about 10 of them were arrested

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