Committee Vets Former Lawmakers for CDF Board Membership Slops


The National Assembly’s Select Committee on National Government Constituency Development Fund, led by Chairman Hon. Musa Sirma, conducted an approval hearing today for former lawmakers nominated by Treasury Cabinet Secretary Prof. Njuguna Ndung’u.

Established under the NG-CDF Act of 2015, the National Government Constituency Development Fund is dedicated to advancing socio-economic development at the constituency level, to reduce promote and promote regional equity.

The first candidate to undergo vetting was former Kisumu West MP, Hon. Olago Aluoch. With a distinguished legal career and three consecutive MP terms, Hon Aluoch addressed concerns regarding public perception of NG-CDF mismanagement by proposing a media strategy to enhance public trust.

Vice Chairperson Hon. Kassim Tandaza questioned Hon. Aluoch about his perspective as a respected lawyer regarding recent judgments related to County government functions.

“The NG-CDF Act of 2015 aligned the fund’s operations with the new constitutional framework, emphasizing principles such as people’s participation, separation of powers, and delineation of functions between National and County governments. Could you elaborate on how the Supreme Court of Kenya’s judgment on petitions declaring the NG-CDF unconstitutional might impact the fund’s future?” asked Hon. Tandaza.

Hon. Gisairo inquired if Hon. Aluoch, if approved, would use his position on the board to undermine his predecessor, especially after losing an election. He responded by stating his lack of political interests and commitment to supporting his predecessor.

Hon. Teyiaa emphasized her experience with similar funds, highlighting her scholarship program for needy students and the construction of a disability centre. She pledged to ensure fair fund distribution, approve poverty-alleviating projects, and engage stakeholders for the benefit of all Kenyans.

The last nominee to appear for the approval hearing was former nominated Senator, Hon. Naomi Shionga. She told the Committee that her prior service as a Parliamentarian had deepened her understanding of NG-CDF’s impact on communities and expressed her support for the fund’s positive influence.

The Committee will now retreat to draft a report for tabling and debate in the House.

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