Controversy Surrounds Nomination of Waqo as Chief Officer in Nairobi


The nomination of Halkano Waqo for the position of Chief Officer in Nairobi has been mired in controversy after it emerged that he did not formally apply for the role.

During the vetting process by the planning committee, Waqo disclosed that he had received an invitation via text message from Acting County Secretary Patrick Analo to attend the vetting session. He further clarified that he had not submitted an application for the position, stating, “I was invited through a text by County Secretary Analo, and I can confirm that my name is in the employee data of Cityhall so I didn’t see the need to apply.”

This revelation has prompted concerns among observers and activists regarding the transparency and fairness of the selection process. James Omwaka, leading a group of activists from Bunge La Wananchi Embakasi branch, has strongly criticized the actions of the Nairobi County Assembly and the Nairobi County Public Service Board. Omwaka has vowed to pursue legal action against both entities, asserting, “We shall not allow such blatant ignorance of the law.”

The controversy underscores broader issues surrounding governance and accountability in Nairobi’s administration. Questions have been raised about whether Waqo’s nomination was based on merit or if it was influenced by factors outside of the formal application process. Such concerns are particularly significant given the importance of Chief Officer positions in local government structures, where individuals are entrusted with key responsibilities in policy formulation and implementation.

Efforts to obtain comments from the Nairobi County Assembly and the Nairobi County Public Service Board regarding the matter have been met with silence thus far. However, the growing outcry from activists and members of the public suggests that this issue is unlikely to fade away quietly.


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