Dr. Manu Chandaria and Father Joseph Mutie honored with Global Peace Awards at the 2023


Global Peace Convention

The just concluded 2023 Global Peace Convention in Manila, Philippines, has seen the recognition of exceptional individuals from various countries who have made remarkable contributions to the promotion of peace and shared prosperity. Among the distinguished awardees were two outstanding Kenyan individuals, Dr. Manilal Chandaria and Father Joseph Mutie, who received Global Peace Awards for their extraordinary leadership and commitment to building a more peaceful world.

Dr. Manilal Chandaria, Chairman and CEO of Comcraft Group, was bestowed with the Legacy of Service and Peace Award. Known as one of Kenya’s leading industrialists, Dr. Chandaria has garnered widespread respect through his extensive charitable work and contributions to the global community. Emulating the principles of Mahatma Gandhi, he has dedicated his life to simplicity and service to humanity. The establishment of the Chandaria Foundation has enabled him to fund significant projects such as hospitals,
clinics, schools, universities, and environmental initiatives. Dr. Chandaria’s partnership with the Global Peace Foundation has been instrumental in mitigating election violence and promoting peace in Kenya.

Father Joseph Mutie, National Chairman of the Interreligious Council of Kenya and General Secretary of the Organization of African Instituted Churches – Kenya Chapter, was honored with the Interfaith and Spiritual Leadership Award. Rev. Mutie has played an integral role in promoting peace, interfaith cooperation, and unity in Kenya.

Through his leadership, the Interreligious Council of Kenya has provided moral guidance to the nation, fostering partnerships across different faiths, races, and tribes. His collaboration with the Global
Peace Foundation Kenya has contributed to initiatives addressing critical issues, including election violence, child marriage, healthcare, and environmental conservation. Father Mutie strongly believes that the integration of spiritual values into civic discussions is essential for building lasting peace.

The Global Peace Awards, presented at the Global Peace Convention, recognize individuals and organizations that have significantly advanced the vision and mission of building a world of peace and shared prosperity.

Other prominent awardees from different countries were also honored for their exemplary efforts in various categories, including Legacy of Service and Peace, Interfaith and Spiritual Leadership, Freedom of Religion and Conscience, Strengthening Families, Outstanding Service, Innovative Scholarship, Philanthropy and Corporate Citizenship, and Culture of Peace.

Some notable awardees include former Guatemalan President Vinicio Cerezo, recognized for his peacebuilding efforts and commitment to regional integration in Latin America; human rights advocate Greg Scarlatoiu, known for his work in promoting human rights in North Korea; and SM Supermalls President Steven Tan, who has actively championed youth empowerment and global peace through innovative
platforms such as the Global Youth Summit.

The 2023 Global Peace Convention brought together esteemed individuals from diverse backgrounds to foster dialogue, collaboration, and collective action towards creating a more peaceful and prosperous world. The wide range of award categories showcased the comprehensive efforts needed to achieve sustainable peace and human development

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