Drama as ‘Dead’ Man in Murder Case Resurfaces After Ruling


Confusion ensued at the Court of Appeal in Nakuru after a man who was involved in a murder case and, later on, reported dead resurfaced after the ruling.

In the case, the person was reported dead in December 2020, prompting the court to drop the case. 

“I saw the case that was in the Court of Appeal that stated I, the only survivor, was dead while the case was ongoing,” the man lamented.His family, however, refuted the claims that the man was once reported dead.


Ksh347 million Nakuru Law Courts


They called upon the court to investigate and hold accountable those who spread the fake news.

His kin further argued that claims were derogatory and could put his life in danger

“Days ago we saw the Court of Appeal ruled that the attempted murder case should be dropped because my brother, the only survivor, died while the case was ongoing,” his brother stated.

“We have never buried my father unless there is someone else who bears the same name,” added the victim’s son.

The court ruling was made without the victim’s family knowledge, and they only learned about it when it went viral online.

Notably, the shooting incident occurred along Kisumu – Nakuru highway on December 2010 where gunmen in a motorcycle shot at a vehicle killing two people and seriously injuring the third passenger.

The seven suspects denied all two charges against them, and the court rule the evidence produced was insufficient to hold them hostage hence were acquitted.

However, the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) proceeded to charge the accused with attempted murder. 

If the suspects are to be charged again, they will face the prior charges before being acquitted.

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