Education Fraternity Up In Arms After Defilement Case In Kopsiro


By Isabella Maua

The education fraternities in Mt. Elgon Sub County, Bungoma County, have come out to strongly condemn the recent act of defilement that occurred at Chepkurkur on Tuesday, where a Form Two student was found with a GSU officer at his premises.

Bungoma, Deputy Governor Janepher Mbatiany, who rushed to the scene of crime, cursed the rampant incidences of teenage pregnancies, attributing them to such cases, of which many have gone either unnoticed or unreported.

“The county government is very concerned, especially with Mt. Elgon’s accelerating rate of teenage pregnancies, especially in Kopsiro Sub County, which has eventually led to increased rates of school dropout.

“Many perpetrators have gone scot-free, and justice has never been served to most girls because of threats or ignorance. This time around, we applaud the community for coming forth to ensure the perpetrators are brought to book regardless of their position in society,” noted Mbatiany.

She further emphasized that the GSU officer and other perpetrators will serve as examples to others with similar thoughts, adding that they’ll see to it that the 17-year-old Form Two student gets justice and continues with her studies.

Stephen Chemonges, KNUT Executive Secretary, Mt. Elgon Branch, in his speech regarding the same, called upon the judiciary to take serious action against the GSU officer, whether or not there’s evidence that they made love or not on that day.

“We‘re emphasizing to the government that whether or not the perpetrator had committed the act or not at the point of apprehension, it is an offense that he was with the girl in his house at such an odd time,” noted Chemonges.

Martin Wambete, school head at Kaptola Special School, decried the perpetual habit of sane men taking advantage of young girls without thinking of their education and future.

“It is disheartening that Mt. Elgon is always associated with many vices, top among them being defilement and teenage pregnancies, which can collaborate together to fight against. Imagine the fate of special students if this can happen to those who don’t have any disabilities,” bemoaned Wambete.

He further called upon the government and well-wishers to consider constructing boarding sections, especially in girl schools, regardless of their status, in the quest to cushion the girl child, who is vulnerable and the most affected victim of circumstance.

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