Elect Eric Rutto as next President, KNCCI Members Told


The Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI) members have been urged to elect Eric Rutto as the next President.

The elections will be held on 8th June and will be conducted by the Independent Electoral Body of the KNCCI.

Candidates who have expressed interest in the elections are cris -crossing the Country hunting for votes.

One Candidate Eric Rutto has asked members to vote for him.

Dr Rutto is the current chamber Vice President who has been kept in the periphery in running affairs of the Chamber His opponents have been spreading propaganda that he is a “state candidate”.

Rutto dismissed the claims saying the propaganda is meant to discredit his candidature.

His supporters said he has never been mentioned in any corrupt dealings and that he is the best candidate to steer the organization to another level.

“Dr Rutto has never been mentioned in any corruption. He is a qualified doctor entrusted in the most delicate duty which requires 100% soberness and alertness. He is also a great businessman,”Mary Gathara , one of his supporters said.

Pledge to Change KNCCI from Ngatia’s Regime

Under the leadership of Richard Ngatia, several chairpersons have quit the organization after being dissatisfied with his leadership.
The only remaining chair is the one from Central region.

Unlike his opponents, Rutto enjoys support across the Country.

Speaking to the Press, Rutto said he wants an inclusive Chamber of Commerce adding that he is out to change the poor leadership currently in KNCCI.

“This is not political competition; it’s about supporting our businesses” he said.

His supporters said Trade missions have not yielded any impact under Richard Ngatia who left the office to campaign in the August 2022 elections leaving Chambers in the worst crisis.

Rutto added that as KNCCI, they should be apolitical.

“We encourage our members to participate in politics but they should not be active in leadership as this causes divisions amongst the United businesses community,” he said.

Rutto supporters blamed Ngatia for participating in politics knowing very well being at the helm of KNCCI would cause irredeemable injury to the image of the once premiere Business organization.

“Infact even the party he was seeking were surprised that he was still leading KNCCI at same time he was in politics. This formed part of the reasons why he was denied the ticket amongst other ethical accusations as forging academic documents,” Rutto said.

Rutto added that this has put the chamber at crossroads as members can longer trust him in addition to partners that require strict adherence to governance structures.

Ngatia who was supported by former President Uhuru Kenyatta latter pulled out of the Nairobi Gubernatorial race in favor of Polycarp Igathe.

Social media was awash with claims that he had “fake papers” and could not be cleared by the EACC over integrity issues.

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