Environmentally friendly tuk tuk launch


Electric Mobility Solutions [EMOS] tuk tuks  represent a significant milestone in sustainable transportation solutions.

The company Chief Executive Officer [CEO] Kalpesh Patel said this is through combining traditional charm with cutting-edge technology.

He said the fully-fledged electric tuk tuks offer an eco-friendly alternative to the conventional petrol-powered vehicles, reducing carbon emissions and contributing to a cleaner and greener future for Mombasa city.

“The unveiling of EMOS tuk tuks witnesses the grand unveiling of these revolutionary electric tuk tuks and gives us an up-close look at their unique features and design,” he pointed out.

Kalpesh said there is a positive impact of EMOS tuk tuks on the environment.He spoke during the launch of Mombasa’s first electric tuk tuks held at Links Plaza in Nyali constituency, Mombasa county.

The EMOS company CEO told the media the exclusive launch event of EMOS tuk tuks is the first of its kind in Mombasa adding that the company also has plans to shortly start CKD operations for the eMOS VEGA 4i in Tanzania and Benin, with other East and West African countries to follow at a later stage.

Kalpesh  pointed out that not only will this broaden the scope of eco-friendly e-mobility solutions but also create much needed jobs with specific focus on empowering women.

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