Epson Triumphs in Red Dot: Product Design 2024 Awards


Epson, a leader in innovative printing and scanning solutions, proudly announces its remarkable achievement at the Red Dot: Product Design 2024 awards.  


The company’s DS-C480W and DS-C420W series of document scanners have been honored with the prestigious Best of the Best award, marking Epson’s fifth triumph in this top-tier category. These scanners are celebrated for their compact design and user-friendly features, enhancing workspace efficiency and comfort.  


Additionally, Epson garnered accolades for several other products, including its WorkForce Enterprise LM-C4000, 5000, and 6000 business inkjet printers. These high-speed A3 inkjet printers, designed for medium to large offices, stand out for their eco-friendly operation. They utilize Epson’s Micro Piezo technology to fire ink without heat, significantly reducing power consumption compared to traditional laser printers.  


The SureColor SC-F2200 Series garment printers also received recognition. These devices allow direct printing on T-shirts and other clothing items, offering ease of installation, operation, and transport. With improved productivity and a user-friendly design, these printers aim to advance the digitalization of the textile printing industry.  


Furthermore, Epson’s auto color chart reading portable table was honored for its innovation in color matching. This portable device, compatible with Epson’s large-format printers, simplifies color measurement for a variety of materials, including cloth and thick substances.  


“These awards are a testament to Epson’s commitment to innovation and sustainability. Our focus on designing products that are not only advanced but also environmentally friendly is what sets us apart in the industry.” Stated Mukesh Bector, Regional Head for East and West Africa at Epson.

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