Explore Epson’s Next-Gen Hybrid Workspace Solutions at GITEX AFRICA 2024


Recent survey results released by Global Technology company Epson  indicate that 74% of IT decision-makers acknowledge a surge in demand for new scanning technology due to digitalization, with the global scanner market expected to reach USD $2.68 billion.


Epson’s latest scanner range, designed for smaller offices, remote workers, and eco-conscious organizations, caters to the evolving digital needs in the MENA region. These scanners, including the DS-C330, DS-C490, ES-C320W and ES-C380W, are constructed with up to 30% recycled plastic and are energy-efficient, saving space and power in various sectors such as healthcare, logistics, and finance.


Epson, a leader in global technology, is set to participate in the second edition of GITEX AFRICA Morocco, the continent’s premier technology event, This year, the company will highlight its commitment to sustainable development by showcasing a comprehensive range of solutions aimed at supporting regional industries. Additionally, Epson will exhibit its new eco-friendly A4 compact scanners, reinforcing its dedication to environmental sustainability.


During the inaugural GITEX AFRICA, Epson was recognized for its dedication to sustainable innovation and the advanced technological solutions presented at its interactive stand, which drew significant visitor interest. Leveraging this success and the positive response to its products, Epson returns to present its latest innovations and strengthen regional partnerships.


“GITEX AFRICA is an optimal venue for IT decision-makers to explore Epson solutions that offer flexibility and efficiency in scanning, projection, and printing. The compact scanners are particularly suitable for sectors like healthcare, hospitality, and the public sector, supporting businesses of all sizes and work models from remote to hybrid. These solutions facilitate everyday tasks, including scanning passports, receipts, and invoices”, highlighted Mukesh Bector, Regional Head for East and West Africa at Epson.


At GITEX AFRICA 2024, Epson will demonstrate its offerings for sectors such as education, art, corporate, label, and retail. The company will also showcase the energy-saving benefits of its Heat-Free printing technology in models like the EcoTank business L6490 and Workforce Enterprise WF-C21000 D4TW, without compromising speed and productivity.


As a pioneer in the ink tank printing industry, Epson’s expertise has led to the development of top refillable ink tank printers like the EcoTank L15160 and L6570. These printers ensure excellent print quality, long-term savings, and support eco-friendly printing practices. With over 90 million EcoTank printers sold globally, the product line has helped avoid 756,752 tons of CO2 emissions.


In the business solutions segment, Epson offers tools for various work models, including in-person, remote, and hybrid setups. In collaboration with Al Jabra, Epson has developed a next-generation hybrid workspace using solutions like the short-throw laser display EB-810E and the WorkForce Pro WF-M5899DWF.


For the education sector, Epson’s integrated solutions for classrooms include ultra-short distance projectors and education document cameras, with showcased products like the EB-1485Fi projector and the DS 32000 scanner.


In the realm of immersive experiences, Epson will display technologies like the EB-PU2220B, the world’s smallest 20,000lm laser projector, suitable for large events and spaces.


For artists and photographers, Epson offers a range of printing solutions to produce museum-quality works, including the SureColor F100 and SureLab SL-D1000.


In retail, Epson’s business solutions are designed to enhance customer service through interactive and digital tools. Products like the TM-m30II-SL and TM-L100 label printer will be featured at GITEX AFRICA 2024.

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