From Start-Up to Market Leader: Inside Jiji Kenya’s Blueprint for Success


In recent years, Kenya’s e-commerce industry has witnessed remarkable expansion, reshaping the nation’s retail scene and stimulating economic progress. The country has emerged as a vibrant hub for online commerce, such as Jiji Kenya, driven by a rapidly growing population of internet users and surging mobile connectivity.

Nevertheless, this flourishing sector confronts hurdles, including logistical infrastructure shortcomings and trust-related concerns. However, despite these challenges, Kenya’s e-commerce market continues to flourish, offering substantial potential to both businesses and consumers in today’s digital age.

The Times engaged with Jiji Kenya, a prominent player in the industry, to gain insights into the implications of these new opportunities and challenges for the sector.

1. Can you give us a brief overview of who you are and the role you play at Jiji Kenya? 

My name is Maksym Golubev, I’m the Regional Manager at Jiji. I oversee operations in East African countries including Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Ethiopia, as well as occasionally in Ghana and Senegal, which is in West Africa. My responsibilities encompass sales, finances, budgets, and the development of regional strategies in line with company goals. A significant aspect of my role is ensuring high-quality customer service across all regions and fostering better feedback mechanisms. Additionally, I handle competitor analysis, compliance, relationship management, and crisis management.

2. E-commerce and the online market place generally is a rapidly evolving field. How do you stay updated with the latest industry trends and technologies to ensure your platform remains competitive?

E-commerce is ever-changing. To stay updated, I regularly attend industry conferences and seminars, gaining insights and networking with industry leaders and tech innovators. Engaging in professional online forums and e-commerce networks is also key. It’s not just about learning, it’s about active involvement and cultivating vital connections to ensure we remain on the cutting edge of e-commerce. Beyond these strategies, our team is our greatest value.

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We firmly believe that the collective knowledge and experience of our team is the driving force behind our success. We’re in constant search of the world’s best practices, always eager to incorporate the finest strategies and methodologies into our operations to offer unparalleled service and results.

3. What strategies have you employed to drive customer acquisition and retention on Jiji Kenya? 

To grow Jiji Kenya’s customer base, we’ve enhanced our online visibility through advertising and partnerships, especially on platforms like Google and social media. We’ve also fostered a strong local presence by participating in community events and collaborations. Additionally, our focus on Kenya is evident: we have a significant Kenyan team that does a fantastic job to ensure we remain attuned to local customer needs. Regular dialogue with our customers is pivotal to our approach.

Maksym Golubev, the Regional Manager at Jiji

We engage in relentless customer research, constantly speaking to them to understand their preferences, challenges, and aspirations. This ensures we tailor our platform to resonate with and meet the unique demands of the Kenyan market. To retain our sellers, we offer regular updates, promotions, and user-friendly platform enhancements. Our proactive support team and commitment to adapt based on feedback solidify our reputation as a top online marketplace platform in the region.

4. E-commerce often involves complex supply chain and logistics management. How do you ensure seamless coordination between various departments to achieve efficient order fulfillment and delivery?

Our primary role is to provide a platform connecting sellers to buyers. While we don’t handle order processes or deliveries directly, we equip our users with the necessary information to ensure they can make deals or transact safely and seamlessly. We constantly gather more information about what our customers need, engaging in continuous research to stay abreast of their preferences and challenges. This feedback loop allows us to identify and explore further opportunities to enhance our platform and cater to the evolving demands of our user base.

5. In the era we are currently in, data security has become crucial in e-commerce. How do you ensure the security of customer information, payment processing if there are any included in your systems and sensitive data on your platform?

In our digital age, safeguarding user data is paramount. We employ encryption, regular system updates, and firewalls for protection. Our team conducts frequent audits and data backups, while also training on security best practices. By using tokens and selective data access, sensitive information remains concealed. Compliance with governmental data safety regulations ensures we maintain the highest security standards.

6. Personalization and recommendation engines are vital for enhancing user experience. Can you discuss your approach to implementing effective personalization strategies?

We use data-driven insights, observing user preferences and interactions. This aids in making educated suggestions, introducing users to new or popular items tailored to their tastes. Our goal is a simple yet effective user experience without overwhelming them.

7. Cross-channel integration is becoming increasingly important in e-commerce. How have you managed to create a seamless experience for customers across different channels, such as website, mobile app, and social media?

In today’s e-commerce landscape, it’s vital to provide a unified experience across all channels. One way we ensure this is through our proactive engagement on social media. We consistently inform our community about the latest happenings, new offerings, and general updates. This constant communication is a collaborative effort of all our departments. 

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The PR team crafts the right messages, our Product team provides updates on the latest features, the Support team ensures queries and concerns are promptly addressed, and the Sales team offers insights into what our customers are looking for. Together, we ensure that whether a user is on our website, mobile app, or any of our social media platforms, they receive consistent information and a seamless experience. By working hand in hand, we ensure our audience stays well-informed and engaged, no matter where they interact with us.

8. Who are your competitors currently in Kenya?  and what strategies have you used to differentiate your platform from competitors and build a unique value proposition for customers?

We face competition from a wide range of entities in the e-commerce sector, including and not limited to renowned players specializing in key categories like Property and Cars, classifieds platforms, B2C and also B2B marketplaces. However, in the Kenyan market, our platform distinguishes itself through its diverse product and service offerings. Our user-friendly interface, robust anti-fraud measures, and comprehensive listings make us a top choice for many. Additionally, our consistent discounts and steadfast seller support further solidify our unique market position.

9. Customer reviews and feedback play a crucial role in shaping an e-commerce platform’s reputation. How do you handle customer complaints and ensure they are addressed promptly and effectively?

When customers voice concerns, we take it seriously as it shapes our reputation. We attentively listen to their issues and quickly acknowledge them. A simple apology can be powerful, showing we value them. Our focus then shifts to resolving the problem to the customer’s satisfaction. Feedback is documented, especially if there’s a recurring concern, prompting us to rectify larger issues. 

Our team undergoes continuous training to efficiently address these concerns, ensuring a customer-centric approach. We also follow up with customers after a few days to check in and confirm their satisfaction, reinforcing our dedication to their well-being. Effective complaint management often transforms a dissatisfied customer into a loyal one, underlining our commitment to respect and prioritize their needs.

10. E-commerce platforms must comply with various regulations, such as data protection and consumer rights. How do you ensure your platform remains compliant with relevant laws and regulations?

At Jiji, ensuring the safety of our users’ information and understanding their rights is at the forefront of what we do. To uphold these principles, we’ve established a dedicated team. This team’s main job is to always be updated on the rules about online shopping and to ensure that data is kept away from prying eyes. Continual training is provided to our team members, reinforcing the importance of these rules. Furthermore, we value feedback. Should any of our users have concerns, we are quick to listen and take corrective action. Periodically, we even bring in external experts to evaluate our processes. Their role? To ensure we’re not just compliant but are leading the way in online safety standards. Our ultimate goal is to preserve the trust of our users and make Jiji a favorite, safe place for online shopping.

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