GA Insurance Commits to Drive Carbon Neutrality by Planting a Tree for Every Motor Insurance Policy Issued


GA Insurance Ltd has embarked on an ambitious commitment to drive carbon neutrality through planting a tree for every motor insurance policy issued by the company.

The company started off the initiative by planting 10,000 trees at Osupuko Primary School in Upper Kajiado as a symbolic gesture of its commitment to environmental sustainability and carbon neutrality. This initial tree-planting effort represents just the beginning of a long-term strategy to offset carbon emissions and contribute to a healthier planet.

GA Group CEO Mr. Vijay Srivastava said “Planting trees will help us move faster towards achieving carbon neutrality. It is our goal to achieve new climate goals, set new targets for renewable energy, cut down on carbon emissions, and speed the uptake of clean fuels for Kenyan households and industries. Taking this bold step towards carbon neutrality will also be crucial in protecting Kenyan lives, strengthening sustainable communities, and laying a firm foundation for a better future.”

East Africa Reinsurance (EARe) contributed 5,000 tree saplings in support of the tree planting initiative. This will further heighten the level of impact achieved from the tree planting exercise. Through the tree planting drive, GA will play a crucial part in ensuring regeneration and collaborate further with the local community in conserving the natural habitat.

GA Insurance is implementing unprecedented steps to drastically slash pollution and speed up the transition to clean energy and a cleaner environment as it aims to plant a tree for each insured vehicle.

GA Insurance has been at the forefront of driving and supporting carbon-neutral solutions. Last year, the company officially rolled out GA Eco Drive insurance for electric vehicles. It is the first carbon-neutral insurance product in the country and has earned widespread recognition.

Tree planting exercises will be crucial in meeting the constitutional requirement of 10% tree cover, which has tentatively been revised upwards to 30% by the year 2050 to offset climate-change-related challenges.

“Over the past few years, Agriculture has continued to suffer because of the devastating effects of desertification. This has been due to diminishing forest cover and associated challenges. By planting trees, we will be solving more than one problem,” added Mr Srivastava.

By recognizing the essential role of natural climate solutions in its journey towards Carbon Neutrality, GA Insurance is taking the lead in addressing the most pressing climate-change-related issues in society.

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