Give Us Slot in Your Government, Kibra Nubians Tell Sakaja


Nubians in Kibra Constituency are now demanding a stake in governor Sakajas’ government.

Managing Director Shafi Ali blamed Sakaja for not considering the Nubians Community in his recent appointments.

“As outlined in article 56 and 174 of the Kenyan Constitution it is increasingly common to disregard equality, equity and representation when appointing officials to positions in the national government and county government…we want to tell Nairobi governor to consider having Nubians in his government. Nubian and Maasai have a special history in this county and we should be given a portion.” He said.
“We have only Musa Mohammed as deputy director the entire county government Sakaja must do something for us it is not fair at all ” he reiterated

This week Sakaja is expected to pick chief officers nominees of various sectors.

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